How to Find the Right Personal Training Program

How to Find the Right Personal Training Program

Whether you want to start enhancing your physique or you have been on it for years, working with a certified personal trainer helps you achieve your goals fast. The right training program will keep you motivated, help you work out effectively, and hold you accountable.

However, the best way to discover the best personal training program (personal training Cincinnati) is to hire a personal trainer. There are many personal trainers out there, but with a bit of research and focus, you can get the right personal trainer. The trainer will come up with routines and programs that will work for you.

How to Find the Right Personal Training Programs

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How do you find the right personal training programs? Even if you already have someone training you, how can you be sure he is the right trainer for you? A personal trainer might be certified and still not be the best option for you. Here are five ways to find the right personal trainer;

1) Set a Goal

In your fitness journey, the first thing you must do is to set a goal for yourself. Whether your goal is to have a kind of body or to stay fit, you must establish what you aim to achieve. This goal will help you in getting a personal trainer that can come up with effective training programs.

2) Consider Your Budget

When trying to get a personal training program, consider your budget as most come with a hefty price tag. Before emptying the bank, decide if you can afford the price. You can also reach a discount agreement with your trainer or a split session and cost with another person.

3) Ask Questions about the Programs

Always ask questions about the routines set by your trainer. What does the training program entail? Is the program going to affect your daily activities? Does the program require a kind of diet and sleeping routine? These are questions that should be answered by your trainer.

4) Check if Your Personalities are Compatible with Your Trainer

The approach and method used by one trainer differ from the other. Your personality trait should align with that of your trainer. If you are a laid-back person, you certainly should not mesh with an uncompromising and rigid trainer. Try to avoid over compatibility as that might also cause a lack of seriousness during your training.

5) Continually Check Your Progress

If you have been training for a while, you need to do some observation about your progress. Although the progress might take a few weeks before been visible, if you did not see any result after then, it is okay to look elsewhere if you want to achieve your fitness goals.

Pros and Cons of a Personal Trainer

Hiring a personal trainer sounds enticing but is it worth the effort and expensive fee that comes with it? Here are three pros and cons of a personal trainer.


1) Adherence to the Right Learning

A benefit of working with a personal trainer is that you exercise and train the right way. A personal trainer will take the time to observe your training and make sure you adhere to instructions. There are many mistakes you can make if you train alone, so the idea of hiring a personal trainer is a profitable one.

2) Personalized Training Programs

A personal trainer will give you training programs that meet your specific needs and ability. The training programs will ensure you don’t get too tired or discouraged to continue the next training.

3) Extra Motivation

A continuous loss of motivation can be a reason to hire a personal trainer. With a personal trainer, a lack of motivation is never an option. A trainer’s job is to see you through a series of fitness training and encourage you to achieve your goals even when you are no longer feeling it.


1) Cost

Employing the service of a personal trainer is not cheap. It will cost you around $150-$250 per session to hire a certified and experienced trainer. This cost can seem too much to spend on just exercise.

2) Personality Conflict

One of the obvious traits of personal trainers is commanding or compelling. They might develop into a problem if you are a person that finds it hard to work under pressure or force.

3) Not all Personal Trainers are Professional

Unless you are sure of the certification and experience of the personal trainer you are hiring, there is no guarantee that the trainer will meet your needs.


There are a lot of things you must do if you must find the right personal training programs. In addition to the above, you should also take the time to talk to colleagues, friends, and family for recommendations. If you are already a gym member, you can speak to the trainers there for personalized training programs.


RELEASE: Kenney Leadership Campaign Deliberately Hid Donations

RELEASE: Kenney Leadership Campaign Deliberately Hid Donations

STRATHMORE, AB: Today Freedom Conservative Party (FCP) Leader Derek Fildebrandt released emails showing that the Jason Kenney Leadership campaign accepted in-kind donations from him in October 2017 but refused to record them as donations as required by law.

Fildebrandt hosted a leadership campaign event for Jason Kenney on October 22, 2017 where he and then Strathmore-Brooks UCP President Ronda Klemmensen paid for all expenses. Both Fildebrandt and Klemmensen informed Kenney Campaign staffers Blaise Boehmer and Andrew Griffin that they would donate the costs of hosting the event as in-kind campaign contributions. In phone calls with Kenney campaign staff, Fildebrandt was informed that the expenses would not be recorded as in-kind contributions. According to the Elections Act all campaign donations (both cash and in-kind) over $50 must be recorded, receipted and submitted to Elections Alberta. According to Elections Alberta, the Kenney campaign recorded no donations whatsoever from either Fildebrandt or Klemmensen, while the emails released clearly show Fildebrandt submitting invoices for the in-kind donations to the Kenney campaign for their records. These expenses include newspaper and Facebook advertising with ads designed by the Kenney campaign team.

“At the time, I supported Jason kenney’s bid to become Tory leader and gladly made an in-kind donation. I was clear that I did not want reimbursement, but these in-kind donations to the campaign needed to be legally recorded as such to comply with the Elections Act. In repeated phone calls, my request was routinely brushed off and told not to worry about it.”

“This raises the strong possibility that campaign activities across the province may have been funded by donations in-kind that were intentionally not recorded as such. The failure to record these donations legally was not an accident or oversite, but clearly intentional and deliberate. I am therefore asking Elections Alberta to open an investigation into this case and to determine if other such cases occurred during the campaign.” FCP Leader Derek Fildebrandt


OPINION: Fildebrandt on Equality or Independence

The following is an opinion piece authoured by Derek Fildebrandt, Leader of the Freedom Conservative Party, on Alberta Equality or Independence. 

Alberta Has Only Two Honourable Choices:
Equality or Independence

Alberta has been forced to a crossroads and only two honourable options remain for us: equality, or independence.

Accepting the status quo – regardless of who rules in Ottawa and Edmonton – will see Albertans anger wax and wane, but it will keep Albertans as a second-class people and a quasi-colony to be milked for vote-buying elsewhere.

Inequities faced by Alberta are many: Equalization and a host of lesser-known transfer programs that cost us $20 billion a year, a Senate where provinces with one-fifth our population have three times as many seats, an “economic union” whose free-trade enforcement is laughable.

Albertans are proud Canadians, and we want nothing more than to be treated equally with our fellow provinces. To achieve this, we once put our faith in the Mulroney PCs to deliver us from Pierre Trudeau, only to be taken for granted and plundered to buy-votes elsewhere. We started the Reform Party to demand “The West Wants In!” only to discover that for the West to get in, we had to water down our demands for reform so much that the project left us little better in the end.

The math is simple: Alberta has most of the money, and little of the votes. Whomever resides in the prime minister’s office will only tilt the degree to which Alberta is plundered.

Begging for Ottawa to buy us a pipeline or requesting small, tinkering changes to Equalization will fix none of this.

In my travels, Albertans have told me clearly: the time for talk is over. It’s now equality, or independence.

The Freedom Conservative Party is committed as our most important election pledge that if Alberta’s next government cannot negotiate an agreement recognizing a place of equality and honour for Alberta within one year of this election, that Albertans will decide for themselves in a vote on independence.

What does equality look like? For the FCP, it means: ending Equalization, a hard cap on net wealth transfers from Alberta to other provinces, equal and elected Senate representation, and strengthening the now worthless constitutional protections for free-trade and market access across provinces. It means Alberta having the same rights as Quebec to: establish our own police force, an Alberta Pension Plan, an Alberta Employment Insurance Plan, directly administer the Firearms Act, and establish our own immigration system.

None of these demands ask for special treatment or favours. Only equality.

If Alberta’s demands for equality cannot be met within one year of the next provincial election, then Albertans should decide directly for themselves in a referendum between the status quo, and independence.

It is our hope that the prospect of independence will convince Ottawa that pennies-on-the dollar handouts will simply no longer due; but that threat must be real and credible.

The Freedom Conservative Party is the only party in Alberta that believes that independence must now be on the table. It is something that we do not do lightly. A reformed, equal confederation is preferable to independence, but independence is unquestionably better than continuing to live under the status quo.

Those who scoff at the mere mention of independence as an option are effectively arguing that “it is better to live on our knees, than to die on our feet.” We reject this false dichotomy. An equal Alberta inside of confederation can live on its feet and continue to be the anchor of Canada, but if this is not possible, then an independent Alberta – with or without other Western provinces – can prosper beyond our current horizons.

An independent Alberta would have a GDP per capita in the very top-tier of nations; in the same class as Singapore, Switzerland and Norway, moving us from 34th globally, to 9th.

An independent Alberta would be landlocked like a provincial Alberta, but would retain an extra $20 billion (net) in taxes a year, and hold considerable leverage in negotiating with a British Columbia that surely desires Canadian-access, as much as Alberta desires coastal-access.

An independent Alberta would negotiate its own trade relationships, unencumbered by Ottawa’s obsession with sex, race and carbon, and the main areas of disagreement with the United States: steel, aluminum and supply-management of dairy.

And should we choose, Alberta would be free to rid ourselves of supply management itself, which makes it effectively illegal for Albertans to produce enough dairy for our own consumption so as to protect Quebec-based quotas.

Independence would not be easy. It would not be a solution to all Alberta’s problems. But it would finally allow Alberta to live on its feet.

If the Freedom Conservative Party elects a strong caucus to Alberta’s next legislature, we will fight first and foremost for an Alberta that can continue in confederation with equality and honour; but should the status quo prevail and Ottawa fails to heed the prairie fire burning its way, then we will ensure that the people have the right to choose an Alberta that is strong, free, and sovereign.

Derek Fildebrandt is the Leader of the Freedom Conservative Party and the MLA for Strathmore-Brooks.