FCP calls for MLA milage reform, log books

Published on August 08, 2018

EDMONTON, AB: Today Freedom Conservative Party Interim Leader Derek Fildebrandt called on all parties to work together to reform MLA mileage claims.

In a letter to the Speaker of the Assembly, Fildebrandt requested that the Member Services Committee add to the agenda of its next meeting a requirement for MLA’s to keep mandatory mileage log books and to study adjusting the mileage claim rates. 

“MLA’s send a lot of time on the road and are generously compensated for gas and wear-and-tear, but the mileage rates are higher than those in the private sector, and there is no accountability whatsoever for the miles claimed,” said Fildebrandt. “We need to bring our mileage rates down to private sector norms, and require that MLAs have log books to be able to track those distances.” 

Fildebrandt was the third lowest rural MLA for mileageclaims in the last year.

“In my own office, my staff track and submit mileage claims and per diems on my behalf for major trips. Using that system, I do not make smaller mileage claims, and there is no way to exaggerate travel claims. I recommend that a similar system be put in place in other offices to prevent abuse or accidents.”