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Cryptocurrency has gained traction and audience during the past decade. Gone are the days in which it is being viewed with exclusivity or being a currency for those who have the technical know-how.

We created this website in order to disseminate informative articles that covers the cryptocurrencies that are thriving in the investment market these days as well as those that are just starting to sprout.

The articles published on this website are products of years of painstaking work and research in order to understand the nature of cryptocurrencies, blockchains and how to invest wisely on a particular cryptomoney.

Meet the Team

Norris BĂ©langer

Not that he ran out of investment opportunities, Norris started looking seriously at cryptocurrency investment 6 years ago.

Gaspar Chandonnet

Gaspar started bitcoin mining as a tech hobby. He has since developed a passion for cryptocurrency as a technological curiosity.

Alita Bourgouin

The allure of the technological marvel behind every cryptocurrency atrracted Alita to know more about blockchains.

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