We Need to Come Together!

Published on October 26, 2019


We Need to Come Together! 

There has been a lot of noise lately in Alberta. People are feeling angry and frustrated with the results of the October 21st election. As such, a lot of organizations and new political parties are competing for your attention and resources. 

We realize that the only way we can be an effective opposition is to band together as one voice! 

The Freedom Conservative Party is committed to reaching out to all groups interested in joining us as Albertans to fight for a stronger Alberta! We will demand that the UCP government guarantee a referendum on Alberta's place in confederation OR ELSE we will make it a ballot issue in 2023 and guarantee the people of Alberta that we will deliver as promised! 

We are living in extraordinary times in Alberta. This period in our history will define what Alberta stands for and what makes us so exceptional as a free and democratic society. 

Join us today by renewing a membership and spreading the news about the FCP! Share our commitment of demanding a fair deal for Ottawa, or else! 


With a $100 donation, you will get a tax credit of $75, and your donation will cost just $25! Your donation will go towards continuing to build our infrastructure and being an effective opposition voice for you!. 



Share this message far and wide! 

The more Albertans join us, the stronger our voice becomes. Know someone who may like to join the fight? Pick up or renew a membership today! CLICK HERE