Establishment Politics as Usual!

Published on May 28, 2019

So far this week, the governing Tories have been feverishly working on locking down their establishment and ensuring small party opposition -- if elected back to the Legislature -- are limited and ineffective. 

Abolishing the desk thump! Premier Jason Kenney was quite offended when first faced by the timed Alberta tradition of desk thumping. Even though this has been a trusted tradition for over a century, the UCP government decided to abolish the practice and effectively begin the process of limiting free expression in the chambers. 

Abstentions from voting. Even though we agree with this move, we know this government doesn't have our best interests at heart (but we do know they were thinking about us). This is in direct response to the Bill 9 fiasco, where former FCP MLA and Leader Derek Fildebrandt forced the UCP opposition out of the chambers 14 times as they wanted to avoid allowing their MLAs to a free vote. 

Banning the escape route! Likely the biggest threat to the establishment is when MLAs leave the governing Caucus when they find out they can't represent their constituents under the establishment banner anymore. The Tories seem to think MLAs represent the Premier and his party. We believe MLAs should represent their constituents FIRST AND FOREMOST above the interests of party bosses. 

Our commitment to you is to hold this government to account. This government has already begun to look a lot like the PC establishment we rejected in 2015. Our horrifying revelation is that nothing has changed. 

Help us keep this government honest! We are committed to building a REAL and true grassroots movement as a third option on your ballot and to continue to function as your watchdog opposition on the ground. 


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