RELEASE: FCP to Hold Town Hall on Rural Crime

Published on July 25, 2019

RELEASE: FCP to Hold Town Hall on Rural Crime

CONKLIN, AB: The Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta announced today it will be holding a town hall in Conklin, AB on July 28th from 6PM to 9PM to address the ongoing rural crime epidemic in Alberta. 

The town hall will be held at the Conklin Multi-Plex from 6PM to 9PM on Sunday July 28th, 2019. All are welcome to attend with both residents and business leaders anticipated to be present and contributing. Media setup will be scheduled for 5:45PM. 

"The urgency of the crisis that exists in Conklin is undeniable. The need to hear from those directly involved in this situation is critical, especially given the multi-faceted contributing factors impacting the people of this area. To make matters worse, the situation in Conklin is being echoed in other areas of Alberta, thus the Town Hall has implications far beyond the immediate community. The Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta feels that it is essential to engage in and with the community. We said we would be a legitimate voice of opposition for Alberta, holding the Government to account, and being there for hard working Albertans. This is just one of the many ways we are honouring our word." -- David White, FCP Interim Leader

"The events in Conklin, which are repeated in rural areas throughout the Province, are merely symptoms of a judicial system which is not responsive to the communities in which it operates. It is not enough for the government of the day to pay lip service to the issue and to impose government mandated solutions upon disparate communities. The Freedom Conservative Party has made it clear that part of our mandate is to engage with voters and to seek solutions with real input from the people most affected by crime, drugs and social ills."  -- Brook Mishna, FCP Critic for Justice

"We as Albertans should be very concerned with our safety and security. Crime in Conklin as well as in other rural areas in this province are alarmingly out of control." -- Steve Goodman, FCP Critic for Rural Crime

"A testament of who we are is shown by our willingness to listen to the root problems from our families, peers and communities. Mitigating serious issues like depression, drugs and crime is best managed by replacing them with the right opportunities to get help where needed. The Freedom Conservative Party is committed to do just that! This can be achieved by ways of town halls, community gatherings and encouraging others to engage with each other through meaningful dialogue and coming out with solutions that not only create a safer environment but a stronger resolve."  -- Chad Miller, FCP Critic for Indigenous Relations

The FCP is fully committed to holding the UCP government to account on rural crime and meeting the people of Conklin, hearing their concerns and working with those community members and stakeholders to find actual, solid, and viable solutions for today is essential. This Town Hall is part of finding those real world solutions for every community in Alberta.

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