Happy Alberta 114th Celebration!

Published on August 27, 2019

Happy Alberta 114th! 

The Freedom Conservative Party (FCP) will be on the Legislature grounds on September 1st to celebrate our 114th. A custom made and decorated cake will be presented and shared with anyone who wants a piece of the cake.

We want to celebrate Alberta and our history as a strong and independent people. 

Event Details: 

Sunday, September 1st, 2019

Alberta Legislature Grounds

Cake Presentation: 3:30PM

Cake Cutting: 4:30 PM

What does Alberta mean to you! We need pics! 

The cake is going through the final finishing touches and to complete it we are asking Albertan's to submit pictures that define Alberta, both past and present. The pictures chosen from those submitted will be superimposed directly onto our Alberta birthday cake to be presented to the public!

We are asking the cities, universities, media, museums, sports teams, and we are asking Albertan's everywhere ... find the pictures that scream "ALBERTA!" in a single picture: Academics, medicine, technology, skylines, rodeo, farming, oil and gas, first nations, historical and present day ... all those and more. Create a reflection of Alberta in eatable film and imagery.

Help make this cake great!


Send your pictures to contact@freedomconservativeparty.ca 


We want to hear from you! Join us for some cake on September 1st on the Legislature grounds and lets give Alberta a birthday she truly deserves!