RELEASE: FCP Demands Action from UCP Government on Rural Crime

Published on August 02, 2019

RELEASE: FCP Demands Action from UCP Government on Rural Crime

EDMONTON, AB: Today, at approximately 2:00pm this afternoon, Freedom Conservative Party (FCP) Leader David White hand delivered a letter urgently requesting an immediate meeting with the Minister of Justice and Solicitor General to discuss the rural crime epidemic in our province. 

"The crisis in Conklin is very real, with truly devastating and even fatal consequences to those living in and around the Hamlet. Sadly, this is not the only area of Alberta facing such situations. Though most of the residents in and around Conklin are law abiding, dedicated, and invested members of the community, a small number are terrorizing those people. Last night's events with yet another break and enter, and yet another arson, yet another serious crime to a community under siege. They are desperate for help, and deserve nothing less than our full-throated support, as well as decisive and immediate action to provide real and tangible results. I look forward to having a meeting with the Minister at his earliest possible convenience." -- Interim Leader David White


Details of the letter can be found here:


The FCP held a town hall in Conklin, Alberta on July 28th to discuss ongoing concerns from that community regarding skyrocketing crime rates. As a result of that discussion with members of the community, the FCP has developed a suggestive strategy to help address this urgent issue.


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