STATEMENT: FCP Addresses Unifying the Non-Tory Right

Published on August 29, 2019

STATEMENT: FCP Addresses Unifying the Non-Tory Right

EDMONTON, AB: The Freedom Conservative Party (FCP) has made the following statement regarding unification of the non-Tory right-of-centre movements in Alberta: 


We understand that to be a true competitive movement, we need to unite the non-Tory right in Alberta before the 2023 election. We know, as do you, that in order to put real consequences on the table to demand a fair deal with Ottawa and force a referendum on confederation for the Albertan people, we need to be a unified front with a unified message. 


We have continued to pressure the UCP Government to adopt our 'Equality or Independence' policy to do just that, send a clear message to Ottawa. They think that ignoring us is a winning strategy. We know different. We know that when Albertans come together for a common good, we do so united and with one voice that will be impossible to ignore. We need you! We need to set our egos aside and come together as Albertans. We know that as one voice and one movement, our voices will be heard. 


Our party is young, but it comes from the inspiration of reform and change in Alberta politics. Alberta has a long standing tradition of anti-establishment and reformist movements. Albertans are a fierce and independent people. 


We are calling on all Albertans to join us!


We will be hosting a convention on Canada's place in confederation in short order and will annouce those details in the coming days. 


We know the journey will be hard, but we also know Albertans deserve an alternative that champions Alberta first policy. 


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