RELEASE: FCP to Support “NO” Side in Olympic Referendum

Published on October 12, 2018

FCP to Support “NO” Side in Olympic Referendum


CALGARY, AB: In response to the NDP government’s announcement today, that it will commit $700 million from taxpayers to the Calgary City Council’s Olympic plan, the Freedom Conservative Party (FCP) has committed to campaign for the “No” side in the upcoming referendum. 

“A small clique inside the Calgary Council determined the outcome of the Calgary Olympic bid, long before any study was done, and has consistently hidden cost benefit studies from the beginning. Any costly venture of this size needs to be undertaken, with the upmost caution, and with objective facts before us. That is unfortunately not the case as Premier Notley and Mayor Nenshi commit taxpayers to a multi billion-dollar vanity project. To stop any more taxpayer money being wasted on this, the FCP will be campaigning for Calgarians to vote “No” on November 13th" – FCP Interim Leader, Derek Fildebrandt


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