Questions Surrounding Alberta Health Cards

Published on June 25, 2019

Questions Surrounding Alberta Health Cards

There has been some recent discussion about replacing the antiquated paper Alberta Health Care Cards. Like weeds in your front lawn, this issue disappears only to arise once again.

The UCP does not want to be seen spending money on issuing new plastic cards to the entire province at a time when frugality is the order of the day.  However, no one really know how much fraud exists with such a seemingly lax and insecure card.

If, or when, the government goes down the path of using a plastic card, the larger issue of personal privacy must be ensured. A card with a chip that stores all your personal health history complete with a picture and who knows what other bio-metric data may make the potential for fraud, or other nefarious crimes, pale in comparison to the problems of the current system. 

The citizens of Alberta need to be confident the UCP is doing what is best. Not what is easiest.


Malcolm Stinson

Shadow Cabinet Critic

Red Tape Reduction

Service Alberta

Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta