RELEASE: FCP Supports Buffalo Declaration Backing Equality or Independence

Published on February 20, 2020

RELEASE: FCP Supports Buffalo Declaration Backing Equality or Independence

CALGARY, AB: Today four Conservative Members of Parliament courageously came out in support of a policy position championed by the Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta (FCP) since late 2018. The four MPs, Michelle Rempel-Garner, Blake Richards, Glen Motz, and Arnold Viersen wrote a joint guest column calling for tougher actions in Alberta's fight for equality in Canadian Confederation. The joint column is adeptly named "The Buffalo Declaration" and reiterates many of the same points included in the 'Equality or Independence' stance of the FCP. 

"The FCP fully supports this action and is encouraged to hear that mainstream politicians in Alberta are beginning to champion the 'Equality or Independence' stance. We know all to well that it takes guts to break from a party line and defy establishment politics. We support this 100%." - Bill Jones, FCP President

"This shows that Albertans are quite frankly fed up with our colony status with Ottawa. It is time for mainstream politicians to take a tougher stance against Ottawa and status quo politics." - David White, FCP Interim Leader

The FCP announced the 'Equality or Independence' policy position in late 2018 prior to the 2019 provincial election as a result of extensive internal surveys of members who wanted the FCP to take a tougher stand against Ottawa and eastern establishment politics. 

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