RELEASE: FCP Calls for UCP Government to Implement 'Equality or Independence' Policy

Published on June 21, 2019

RELEASE: FCP Calls for UCP Government to Implement 'Equality or Independence' Policy

EDMONTON, AB: Today the Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta (FCP) has called on the governing UCP to immediately begin re-negotiating the terms of Alberta's place in confederation pursuant to the Equality or Independence policy position announced prior to the 2019 provincial election. 

The Canadian Senate passed Bill C-48 yesterday amid grave concerns for the impact to the Albertan and Canadian economy. 

The 'Equality or Independence' position calls for major constitutional reform from Ottawa to recognize equal partnership within one year of the start of negotiations, and should that fail, hold a referendum on independence in its place. 

"Political posturing and unifocal intent regardless of consequences of the people of Alberta by the political establishment has to stop. Ottawa will continue on its path, unchecked, unless there are real ramifications for those actions. We continue to be the focus of ongoing attack by a federal government so intent on its manifesto that it is completely disconnected from the impact on the people in the western provinces, and indeed seems not to care, excepting of course British Columbia. Albertans are truly the epitome of Canadian values. We are kind, supportive, tolerant beyond measure, tolerating and tolerating yet more, and we tolerate even more until we say "enough is enough". When we have had our fill, when we have been pushed to far, we have a strength of people united that would be truly foolish to ignore. The political establishments need to respect our people, and afford this province the same rights as those in the east." -- Interim Leader David White

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