RELEASE: FCP Elects New Interim Leader, Bids Farewell to Derek Fildebrandt

Published on May 08, 2019

RELEASE: FCP Elects New Interim Leader, Bids Farewell to Derek Fildebrandt

EDMONTON, AB: Today the Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta (FCP) announced the election of David White as the new Interim Leader. David was elected via secret runoff ballot involving three candidates. David will preside as Interim Leader of the FCP until a Leadership Convention is held sometime early next year.

“It is a profound honour and privilege to have been elected as the Interim Leader of the FCP. With a two-party system now in place, only the third time in Alberta’s history, providing a true unimpeded voice is essential. I will strive to represent the voices of the FCP and the people of Alberta in continuing to establish the FCP as a distinctive, new, innovative and alternative option.” – FCP Interim Leader David White

“I am excited and motivated to see David successfully elected to succeed me as Interim Leader of the FCP. As I have stated last week, it is time for me to step back and allow the party to continue their work of building and growing a movement for Albertans looking for an alternative to this government. It is time for me to focus on my young family. I will continue to be a Freedom Conservative and will help out any way I can to see David and the party succeed.” – Former FCP Leader Derek Fildebrandt

“Our Interim Board of Governors elected David White as our new Interim Leader on Saturday via a secret runoff ballot. David was selected on the second ballot. I want to first congratulate David on his win and congratulate the other two candidates who put their name forward and shared their vision for the party. It is truly humbling to preside over the democratic transfer of power and am very confident that David will make an excellent chief moving forward as we do the difficult work of party building. I look forward to working with David and building a strong alternative to the establishment parties in the Legislature.” – FCP Interim President Stephen Burry


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