RELEASE: FCP Makes MLA Mileage Reforms

Published on October 25, 2018

EDMONTON, AB: Today Freedom Conservative Party (FCP) Leader Derek Fildebrandt succeeded in putting forward two motions before the Members’ Services Committee to reform MLA mileage claims. The motions called for requiring MLAs to keep logs of their travel to support mileage claims, and to potentially reduce the amount MLAs can claim for mileage.

There is no good reason that MLAs cannot easily keep track of where they travel on government business to support mileage claims. Today we succeeded in pushing forward reforms that will ensure these claims are legitimate and supported”.

“We also succeeded today in pushing forward reforms to ensure that MLA mileage claims are aligned with norms in the private sector. At 43.5 cents a kilometer, plus fuel, plus oil changes and car washes, MLAs are very generously compensated for driving on government business.”

“I want to thank members of all parties on working with me to pursue these important reforms.” – FCP Leader, Derek Fildebrandt


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