RELEASE: FCP Addresses Merger Rumours

Published on August 12, 2019

STATEMENT: FCP Addresses Merger Rumours

EDMONTON, AB: Despite recent rumours, The Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta (FCP) is not currently in any merger discussions with any other political party in Alberta.

The FCP welcomes collaborative talks with other conservative non-tory political parties and movements and can confirm that its board has engaged in such conversations, but no formal agreements have resulted from these conversations. 

At our recent Annual General Meeting, we reconfirmed our policy document and committed to continuing to champion our 'Equality or Independence' policy as our plank position. We also reaffirmed the authority of our constitution and our board of governors.

Our stance on Albertan independence has not changed. We are committed to negotiating in good faith with Ottawa to find an agreement that treats Alberta fairly in Confederation. Should that fail, we will put the question of independence to the people of Alberta to decide. 

Any potential formal discussions and subsequent agreements with other political parties are subject to the approval of our board of governors and our membership. 

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