RELEASE: FCP Releases Full 2019 Platform and Budget

Published on April 06, 2019

RELEASE: FCP Releases Full 2019 Platform and Budget

CALGARY, AB: Today, the Freedom Conservative Party (FCP) released the complete 2019 election platform and platform budget. This document outlines many of the platform planks announced over the last several days of the campaign and sets forth the FCP’s vision of a free and bold Alberta.

HThe fully costed platform budget presents a realistic and accountable path to balance. The plan will have Alberta on track to post a $1.9 Billion surplus by 2022-23, over $1.2 billion more than the UCP plan and years ahead of the NDP plan. It also includes massive tax breaks for everyday hard-working Albertans to jump start the Alberta economy and create sustainable and real job growth.

FCP Budget Highlights:

  • Balance the budget and post a $1.9 Billion surplus by 2022-23
  • Eliminate the NDP and Tory carbon tax
  • Eliminate small business tax
  • Reduce the income tax to a flat 10%
  • Reduce the corporate tax to a flat 10%
  • Eliminate the beer tax
  • $1.2 billion in operating expense reductions with NO front-line worker layoffs

>>CLICK HERE to view the full budget<<

FCP Platform Highlights:

  • Restore Democracy and Accountability
  • Return the Alberta Advantage
  • More Alberta, Less Ottawa
  • World Class Education
  • Get Alberta Back to Work
  • Unleash Alberta Energy
  • A future for Seniors
  • Quality Healthcare
  • Strong Communities
  • Immigration Reform
  • Rights and Justice

>>CLICK HERE to view the full platform<<

“Today I am pleased to announce our full comprehensive 2019 election platform and budget. This platform is a collection and collaboration with stakeholders, party members, and average everyday Albertans, who want a bold new alternative to the same old establishment parties. We need fresh and bold new ideas. We need to take a strong and unapologetic stand against Ottawa and send a signal that we are done being a colony of the confederation and we are ready to put Alberta first.”

“Our fully costed budget recognizes that real job growth and wealth generation happens among hard working Albertans, not fat bureaucrats in Edmonton and Ottawa. Our plan is realistic and achievable and reflects the hard realities that will get us back to balance and create a new Alberta Advantage.” – FCP Leader Derek Fildebrandt


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