RELEASE: Kenney Leadership Campaign Deliberately Hid Donations

RELEASE: Kenney Leadership Campaign Deliberately Hid Donations

STRATHMORE, AB: Today Freedom Conservative Party (FCP) Leader Derek Fildebrandt released emails showing that the Jason Kenney Leadership campaign accepted in-kind donations from him in October 2017 but refused to record them as donations as required by law.

Fildebrandt hosted a leadership campaign event for Jason Kenney on October 22, 2017 where he and then Strathmore-Brooks UCP President Ronda Klemmensen paid for all expenses. Both Fildebrandt and Klemmensen informed Kenney Campaign staffers Blaise Boehmer and Andrew Griffin that they would donate the costs of hosting the event as in-kind campaign contributions. In phone calls with Kenney campaign staff, Fildebrandt was informed that the expenses would not be recorded as in-kind contributions. According to the Elections Act all campaign donations (both cash and in-kind) over $50 must be recorded, receipted and submitted to Elections Alberta. According to Elections Alberta, the Kenney campaign recorded no donations whatsoever from either Fildebrandt or Klemmensen, while the emails released clearly show Fildebrandt submitting invoices for the in-kind donations to the Kenney campaign for their records. These expenses include newspaper and Facebook advertising with ads designed by the Kenney campaign team.

“At the time, I supported Jason kenney’s bid to become Tory leader and gladly made an in-kind donation. I was clear that I did not want reimbursement, but these in-kind donations to the campaign needed to be legally recorded as such to comply with the Elections Act. In repeated phone calls, my request was routinely brushed off and told not to worry about it.”

“This raises the strong possibility that campaign activities across the province may have been funded by donations in-kind that were intentionally not recorded as such. The failure to record these donations legally was not an accident or oversite, but clearly intentional and deliberate. I am therefore asking Elections Alberta to open an investigation into this case and to determine if other such cases occurred during the campaign.” FCP Leader Derek Fildebrandt

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