Rural Crime: Time to Fight Back!

Published on August 03, 2019

It's time to fight back!

We held a town hall in Conklin, Alberta on July 28th to hear the concerns of residents affected by rural crime. We were shocked! This epidemic has gone to far. Lives are in the balance and people in the community feel abandoned by their political representatives. 

Yesterday and today, we followed up as promised and hand delivered a letter to the Minister of Justice to request an urgent meeting to address your concerns. We also sent a letter to the RCMP amplifying the voices of Conklin and of communities across Alberta screaming for more action. 

We are committed to keeping pressure on the UCP government to act. 

But we need your help! 

With a $100 donation, you will get a tax credit of $75, and your donation will cost just $25! Your donation will go towards continuing to build our infrastructure and being an effective opposition voice for you!. 



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