Published on March 17, 2019


EDMONTON, AB: Today, FCP Leader Derek Fildebrandt made the following statement regarding the documents obtained from key Kenney leadership operatives:

“The documents released last night prove categorically that Mr. Kenney and his campaign were actively and intimately involved in running a separate leadership campaign, with the sole objective of attacking his political rival Brian Jean.

For nearly a year now, loyal UCP members have been coming forward to call out anti-democratic wrong-doings inside the party, and Mr. Kenney has shrugged all of them off as ‘liars’ and ‘sour grapes.’

On dozens of occasions and as recently as yesterday, Mr. Kenney has completely denied all of these allegations, and has claimed that those making them are lying. Not everyone that brings forward an allegation is necessarily credible or telling the truth, but these are now backed up by hard evidence.”

The documents released last night show clearly that it is not the whistle-blowers that have lied, but Jason Kenney. This is no longer in the realm of experiencing things differently or differences of opinions, or even ‘sour grapes.’

It is about Mr. Kenney’s willingness to do or say anything to obtain power; to corrupt and abuse the grassroots democratic promise to achieve his own ends; and his comfort with telling deliberate lies to cover up and slander those who have come forward to tell the truth.

Conservatives and all Albertans deserve to the truth about the leadership of a person that I and many other conservatives once trusted, but we will not know the truth of it so long as those around Kenney are intimidated and silenced by the aura of power.

We will continue to build the Freedom Conservative Party into a strong principled conservative alternative to the NDP that is focused on the issues that matter to Albertans and not backroom tactical politics.”

- FCP Leader Derek Fildebrandt

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