STATEMENT: FCP Responds to Liberal Minority Government

Published on October 21, 2019

Edmonton, AB: Today Canadians participated in the democratic process and made their voices heard. The FCP strongly believes that no matter who you support during an election period, it is every citizen's democratic right to cast a ballot and have their voice counted. 

Unfortunately, here in Alberta, we are grossly underrepresented and unfairly targeted by our federal government. We had hoped, as millions of other Albertans, that tonight's outcome would have been different. Without a fair voice in confederation, we have limited means to make our presence felt in Ottawa. We suffer from taxation without fair representation! 

We have been championing our 'Equality or Independence' policy position since the early part of this year and continue to call on our provincial government to act to put REAL consequences on the table when dealing with Ottawa! Unfortunately, our concerns have been ignored. 

As such, the FCP will reiterate that we are ABSOLUTE in holding a referendum on Alberta's place in confederation and will encourage our members to join us in bringing others together and making the will of Albertan’s not just heard but felt. We want fair and equal representation and we know this Liberal government will not give us that. 

WE ARE and will remain an Alberta first movement that values our place in confederation. We understand that being patriotic to Canada is not enough. We will guarantee the people of Alberta a referendum if elected to government and will guarantee that we will act in the best interests of Alberta with the results of that referendum. The ball is now in our court. It is time to make our mark known! 

It is time to fight for Alberta!