Thank You! Our Commitment to You

Published on April 18, 2019

Thank You! Our Commitment to You

We want to thank our strong dedicated slate of candidates and volunteers who had the courage and commitment to stand up and give their communities an alternative grassroots voice. It takes a lot of courage, resilience, and heart to run for public office, and we are convinced that our slate has that in abundance. 

We also want to thank the many Albertans who entrusted us by casting a ballot for the FCP. We tried the best we could to put forth a principled grassroots alternative to the establishment and signal to Albertans that there is another option. 

Albertans sent a clear message: It's time for the NDP government to go! Mission accomplished! We celebrated like many of you on election night the end of the big government, job killing, taxpayer shakedown NDP regime. 

We will never give up. Our commitment to you is that we will push forward to represent Albertans as best we can. We will consult you on ways we can hold our new two-party system accountable to the people. We may not have a seat in the legislature, but that doesn't mean we will not continue the fight from outside the legislature, on the ground, in communities across Alberta.