We Have a Plan!

Published on October 23, 2019


We know you're angry, so are we! 

Throughout this federal campaign we reconfirmed that the Ottawa political establishment has no interest in representing hard-working Albertans like you! It has become a common theme. Ottawa politicians are willing to sell Alberta down the river to buy votes in Ontario and Quebec. Unfortunately, our own Premier is not doing enough to put real consequences on the table.

Enough is enough! 

We want you to know what our response will be to Trudeau in Ottawa! 

The Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta will guarantee a referendum on Alberta's place in confederation! We know that the best way to get a fair and equitable deal from Ottawa is to put real consequences on the table and signal that we will not be bullied.

We may not have fair representation in Ottawa, but we will guarantee it here in Alberta! 

We need your help to make this happen. We need to band together and protect Alberta! 

With a $100 donation, you will get a tax credit of $75, and your donation will cost just $25! Your donation will go towards continuing to build our infrastructure and being an effective opposition voice for you!. 



Share this message far and wide! 

The more Albertans join us, the stronger our voice becomes. Know someone who may like to join the fight? Pick up or renew a membership today! CLICK HERE