Will You Heed the Call?

We have not been dormant as a board with the Freedom Conservative Party. We have been busy laying the foundation blocks that will allow us to build this party into what it
should be; a voice for Albertans for equality and independence.

We have received several new members to our board who have come to us out of the Wexit Alberta movement. If you are familiar with Wexit you will know the name Kathy Flett who was originally tagged to head up Wexit Alberta. She was joined by her working group whom she had gathered together to continue the path toward creating a genuine political voice for separatists in Alberta, Neal Flett, Rick Johnson, Paul Gullackson, Zuzana Janos, and James Albers. If you have been on LinkedIn you will see that they have been extremely active.

You may also recognize a few names from these two new members of the Board, Bob Lefargey and Jeff Rout who have been welcomed back to the gang.

We want this newsletter to focus on three things that we are currently working on; our 5 point plan to reach out to all the separatist parties or groups in this province with an aim for unification. Setting a leadership convention and selecting a new leader. And most importantly, getting all of the Constituency Associations in the province up and active.

Constituency Associations (CAs)

You will have someone from the party reaching out to you over the next few weeks to invite you to be a part of your local CA. We need a minimum of five to form a CA and then register it. This is THE most important work that we can do right now as we believe that shortly, if not already, Albertans are looking for a political home to advance their aspirations for a free Alberta. We ask that you heed the call and join us in this effort.

Time is of the essence.



We have come to understand that if we are to garner any credibility with the voters of this province we must be working with all who are looking to advance the goal of freedom for Alberta. There are many freedom fighters around us with the same goal and only by coming together can we make that happen. Our president Bill Jones has been in discussion with Peter Downing of Wexit Canada and we are progressing steadily along that path. We have also reached out to other groups and we will be reporting on that when the time is appropriate.


Leadership Convention

We are working hard on preparing for our leadership convention. To say that there have been some names of note looking at our party would be an understatement. As well Kathy Flett and her team are out doing town halls across the province right now, talking with Albertans and opening a dialogue to help us better understand the needs out there so that we can move our movement forward. There is a lot of interest and Kathy is also one of those who will be looking at running for our leadership. We want to end with a note to let you know that things are going to be picking up at the party and you will be hearing much more from us. We look forward to working with you to advance the cause of Freedom in Alberta.

PS* - Please note too that we have not asked for financial support as we feel that we need to earn that from you and not expect it.